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Our Team

Over 35 years of Aviation and leadership experiences. Fighter Pilot by Trade and USA Top Graduate instructor. Over 4400 flying hours F5s, Mirages, C101s, F16 & Air Bus 320.

Over 27 Years of Experience in Electro-Mechanical Maintenance and logistic Support at Royal Jordanian Airforce. Retired as Brig. General.

28 years of Aviation training and operation experiences Qualified Helicopter Instructor (QHI) and Maintenance Test Pilot (MTP) Over 4000 flying hours B.DOG, C101,F-5s,H-500s,UH-1H,AH-1F/S,& R-44 II

Over 24 Years of experience in Aircraft Maintenance 3 years of experience in Engineering Training Quality Assurance Manager approved by JCARC. Graduated from United Kingdom as Aeronautical Engineer

Over 25 years of Aviation and leadership experiences Fighter Helicopter Pilot Over 3900 flying hours Robinson (R-44II), Black Hawk (UH-60M&A), S-70A, Cobra(AH-1F), EC-635, AS-350, H-500D, UH-1H & Bulldog.

Over 26 Years of Aviation and Leadership Experiences In RJAF (Manned and Un-Manned Aircraft) And PSAW (Public Security Air Wing) Helicopter Pilot Over 3500 Flying Hours Robinson

Our Team

27 years of Aviation and Training Management Experiences Chief of Avionics and Aircraft Maintenance – Royal Jordanian Airforce Technical College Commandant/p>

Financial manager of Al Daoud Investment Group which includes Jordanian Daman Real Estate Agency, Golden Eagle Aviation Academy and First Logistics Company.

Over 16 Years of Experience in Software Engineering and Network Security CISSP, CEH, CISA, CISM.

Bachelors in Industrial Engineering 3 Years of experience in Aviation and Power Transmission

5 Years of Aviation Experience Over 10 Years of Customer Service Experience


Operation Centre:

GEAA operation center is located at King Hussein Air College (KHAC) in Al Mafraq City; it includes all the facilities needed to perform the training required. It also includes maintaining activities /facilities such as aircraft maintenance hangar.

Ground School:

GEAA has a fully equipped ground school that encompasses classrooms with advanced learning aids, labs, and high-tech equipment located in Amman. Including an English lab led by proficient English instructors.

Contact Us

Ground School

The Training Ground School is located at Husseini Complex,53 Abdullah Gusheh St, Amman Jordan

Tel: +962 6 581 4141
Fax: +962 6 581 4498

P.O. Box 1361 53 AbdallahGhosheh St, Amman 11821 Jordan

Air Taxi and Sightseeing

+ 962780811346

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