Welcome on board the GEAA Air Taxi

A warm welcome and thank you for choosing Golden Eagle Aviation Academy (“GEAA”), which provides you with this amazing Trip (GEAA trip via Air Taxi within the Territory).

It is always an exciting time to bring a new PASSENGER (a person who intends to fly on board the Air Taxi) on board the Air Taxi (the air vehicle used by GEAA).

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully, as you have already agreed on all of them upon purchase of the Ticket (the GEAA Trip Ticket). When you purchase a Ticket you are entering into a direct and legally binding relationship with GEAA.

These Terms and Conditions, which constitute GEAA Terms and Conditions for the Trip, contain important information. You should keep this document in a safe place so you can refer to it anytime, if you require to contact GEAA for any further assistance.

If you have any queries about these Terms and Conditions or you would like to ask for further clarification please contact our team via phone on number [00962 6 5814141], or via email [airtaxi@geaacademy.com].

This introduction to the Terms and Conditions constitutes an integral part to the Terms and Conditions and they should be read together.

1.      PASSENGER Responsibilities.

1.1.   PASSENGER acknowledges that he/she has filled in all PASSENGER personal information in the Trip Ticket and in the Booking Form (the GEAA Trip Booking Form) accurately and correctly.

1.2.   PASSENGER shall present to GEAA prior to boarding their original passports/ID and official proof of legal residence in the helipad check-in area, and GEAA shall have the right to make a copy or to take a photo and keep a record of the PASSENGER Passport/ID, as needed.

1.3.   PASSENGER shall bear full responsibility for all their bags and personal belongings on board, and shall guarantee to GEAA that their bags and personal belongings do not contain anything of a dangerous, hazardous or offensive nature or of which the carriage, importation or exportation is prohibited by any competent authority.

1.4.   Pregnant women are not advised to fly; however, if a pregnant woman wishes to fly, that is only permitted by GEAA only during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy and at her full risk and liability. In the event that a pregnant woman does not declare to GEAA her pregnancy and flies with the Air Taxi, the Trip shall be under her full responsibility and liability.

1.5.   For PASSENGERS who are minors (below 18 years old), the legal Guardian shall bear the legal responsibility of each such PASSENGER and shall sign the Booking Form and the Ticket.

1.6.   PASSENGERS may be held liable, arrested, and may face legal charge if created or caused any type of violence events during flights. And the Pilot (the captain of this Trip) reserves the right to end the Trip immediately, without any Trip refund due.

1.7.   PASSENGERS are requested to inform GEAA of any pre-existing physical illness and/or conditions they have such as heart disease, air-sickness and other, prior to boarding the Air Taxi.

1.8.   PASSENGERS are requested to state in the Ticket and in Booking Form the purpose of the Trip and the required Trip Punctuality.

1.9.   Payment of the Price (the total price of this Trip as stated in the Ticket) will be in advance.


2.      On Board Conditions.

2.1.   All PASSENGERS must follow Pilot’s instructions while on board.

2.2.   All PASSENGERS must approach the Air Taxi from the front side, never approach the Air Taxi form the tail side under any circumstances. If PASSENGER approached the Air Taxi from the tail side, in the event of any type of damage incurred to PASSENGER, PASSENGER shall hold full liability.

2.3.   PASSENGERS must fasten seat belt upon boarding the Air Taxi and until full-stop of the Air-Taxi after landing.

2.4.   (i) PASSENGERS during the Trip must turn off all electronic devices as instructed by the Pilot. (ii) Photography is allowed only in areas indicated by the Pilot.

2.5.   PASSENGERS are not allowed to smoke on board, including the use of electronic cigarette.

2.6.   Food will not be offered or served on board, however PASSENGERS are allowed to drink water, and eat fruits, vegetables, uncooked snacks, non-offensive smell food, chocolate bars, and chips/crisps at their full liability.

2.7.   Alcoholic beverages are strictly not permitted to be consumed during the Trip, and PASSENGERS are not allowed to board the Air Taxi while under the effect of alcohol or narcotics or other drugs or psychoactive substances.

2.8.   PASSENGERS are not allowed to carry on board any types of weapons such as guns or knives, sprays, or to carry on board any drugs, flammables, and any other prohibited substances.

2.9.   PASSENGERS are not allowed to carry on board animals/pets.


3.      GEAA Responsibilities.

3.1.   GEAA shall use its best commercial endeavors to complete the Trip within the Territory (the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) as stated in the Ticket. Any Trip delay or cancellation will be subject to provisions (3.3) and (5) below.

3.2.   GEAA will offer a first aid response in the case of emergency with no liability on GEAA  whatsoever, and GEAA will take PASSENGER (whether conscious or not) to a hospital chosen at GEAA discretion and evaluation, but all hospital costs, including of any laboratory examinations and medication,  will be assumed by the PASSENGER himself/herself.

3.3.   In the event that the PASSENGER specifies in the Ticket and in the Booking Form the Punctuality Requirement, and a Trip Departure/Arrival delay of more than 2 hours incurs, and on the condition that the PASSENGER claims from GEAA damages for such delay, GEAA shall be liable of such delay, and GEAA shall compensate PASSENGER according to the applicable law.

3.4.   GEAA is liable for damage sustained in case of death or bodily injury of PASSENGER upon condition only that the accident which caused the death or injury took place on board the Air Taxi or in the course of any of the Trip operations of take-offs and/or landing. Damages under this provision shall not exceed [30,000 USD] for injury, and [100,000 USD] for fatality for each PASSENGER.

3.5.   GEAA shall be responsible for any damage occurred due to a Pilot error.

3.6.  In relation solely to landing and taking off of the Air Taxi from helipads or any other suitable surface, GEAA shall hold harmless the legal owner of said helipads or any other suitable surface and shall assume legal liability for action taken by any PASSENGER towards the legal owner of said helipads or any other suitable surface for PASSENGER death or injury occurred during the landing and taking off of the Air Taxi from helipads or any other suitable surface, excluding death or injury caused or resulting out of a pre-existing medical condition or natural causes, in which case PASSENGER shall hold full liability. GEAA liability under this provision 3.6 is as stated in these Terms and Conditions.


4.      GEAA shall not be responsible for:

4.1.   The exact times of Trip Arrival or Departure if any delay incurred is less than two (2) hours from the Trip times stated in the Ticket.

4.2.   GEAA shall make both Trip Departure and Arrival take-offs and/or landing at its own discretion, whether in official airports, helipads or any other suitable surface.

4.3.   Any damage to PASSENGER bags and personal belongings is at PASSENGER liability.

4.4.   Any psychological impact, disorders and mental damage, impact or illnesses which may arise or be caused to any of PASSENGER/s during the Trip, inclusive during take-offs or landing.

4.5.   All claims and expenses (including all legal costs) in respect of any PASSENGER liability to a third person.

4.6.   Any death or body injury if it was not due to the negligence or other wrongful act or omission of GEAA or its servants or agents, or if it was solely due to the negligence or other wrongful act or omission of a third Party. This includes PASSENGER himself, and such case PASSENGER shall be considered liable for such damages. For example pre-death pain and suffering which can be discovered after the damage, and which proves that death did not occur from the air accident.


5.      Trip cancellation policy.

5.1.   Trip cancellations made by PASSENGER are accepted if made within 24 hours prior to Trip Departure time. No full refund or rescheduling due if cancellation is made after that time. If cancellation is made within 12 hours prior to the Trip Departure time, 50% Price charges will be applicable. For any cancellation made in less than 12 hours, no refund will be made.

5.2.   For any cancellation of  the Trip by GEAA due to Force Majeure (which means any event which is beyond the reasonable control of any of GEAA and which makes the performance of its obligations under this Trip impossible or so impractical as to be considered impossible under the circumstances and which could not have been avoided without incurring unreasonable cost through the use of work-around plans, including alternative sources or other means, including, but are not restricted to: acts of God, acts of local governments, fires, epidemics, quarantines, strikes, embargoes, wars, blockades, sabotage and unusually severe weather, if weather is so severe that state of emergency has been declared or the Jordanian government has announced an official bank holiday due to severe weather conditions, or any technical reasons),  the PASSENGER will be given the choice of either re-scheduling the Trip or will be fully refunded.

5.3.   Any cancellation of the Trip by PASSENGER due to any event which is beyond the reasonable control of any of PASSENGER and which shall be subject to GEAA evaluation on whether it constitutes an event beyond PASSENGER reasonable control, including, but  not restricted to: car accident, strike or demonstration that caused road blockade, PASSENGER hospitalization, will make the PASSENGER liable for the  Price and could make the Trip either being re-scheduled or cancelled in which case a full refund of the Price by GEAA to PASSENGER will be made.

5.4.   The Refund under this provision (5) will be returned back to PASSENGER within 2 business days from the date of cancellation.


6.      Miscellaneous.

6.1.   For Sightseeing, Price is set based on full occupancy of the Air Taxi (3 PASSENGERS).

6.2.   GEAA shall use as an Air-Taxi a R44 helicopter for the Trip. GEAA reserves the right at any time and without any obligation for serving notice to PASSENGER to replace an R44 with any other type of air vehicle as GEAA deems fit.  

6.3.   (i) No changes or modification to the flying route and destination after takeoff are permitted. (ii) Extra charges will be imposed if the waiting time at the destination has been extended, following Pilot’s approval, beyond what has been confirmed at the time of booking the Trip.

6.4.   The maximum permitted load for three Passengers together with their personal belongings is 210 to 240 KGs.

6.5.   Personal belongings shall only consist of one personal item, which can be either one hand bag or one purse, and GEAA at their own discretion shall have the right to decide whether PASSENGER’s personal belongings are acceptable on board the Air Taxi or not and also to search or inspect the personal belongings.

6.6.   PASSENGER’s personal data disclosed to GEAA in writing whether by filling in the Booking Form and/or the Ticket, or PASSENGER’s personal data that came to GEAA knowledge in writing for the purposes of the Trip, will be administered and/or processed and/or stored and/or any other way by GEAA in accordance with the applicable Jordanian laws in force;  GEAA will treat PASSENGER’s personal data with reasonable care, however, GEAA reserves the right to disclose any required information if GEAA is required to do so in accordance with the Jordanian laws in force. “Personal data” will be interpreted in accordance with the Jordanian laws in force.

6.7.   These Terms and Conditions and the Price and any other commercial terms are GEAA sole property and they are all confidential to GEAA and may not be disclosed by PASSENGER to a third party without GEAA prior approval, at GEAA’s sole discretion.

6.8.   These Terms and Conditions are drafted in the English Language and in the Arabic Language and in case of discrepancy between the two texts, the English language text shall prevail.

6.9.  Variation of these Terms and Conditions: GEAA reserves the right at all times to amend and/or update these Terms and Conditions, without the obligation of giving prior notice to PASSENGERS, or any third party. And said amendments and/or updates shall be deemed an integral part to these Terms and Conditions.

6.10.   Any dispute that may arise out of or in connection with these Air Taxi Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and resolved in accordance with the Jordanian Law in force, and the Courts of Amman shall have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any disputes arising hereunder without regard to the conflict of laws principle.


Wishing you an enjoyable trip!