Sightseeing service is intended to meet the needs of clients (tourists, locals, others) who wish to enjoy the thrill of the fascinating sightseeing of different locations in Jordan with a bird’s eye. There is nothing like flying over Jordan to view the countries’ unique geographical features varying from plains, mountains, valleys, and even terrains below sea level.


Sightseeing common areas:

(1)   Amman

(2)   Jerash

(3)   Dead sea

(4)   Wadi Rum

(5)   Ajloun

(6)   Petra

(7)   Aqaba

(8)   Other areas are available upon request.


Sightseeing service provides various tour durations and options which include:

Fun Ride 10 minuets

Fun Ride 17 minuets

Fun Ride 22 minuets

Other durations are available upon request

For more details about our prices and packages please cleck here and call us to make your booking