Basic and advanced Helicopter pilot training program:


Course Title: Basic and Advanced Helicopter Training Course (R-44 II)

Aim of the Course: Is to provide basic and advanced helicopter flying training to qualify and prepare GEAA students for entry level to various operational conversion units (OCUs).

Course Description: Basic and Advanced course consists of two elements:


Dual instructional and solo sorties flown on Robinson R44-Raven II with emphasis on basic helicopter flying skills, applied flying, and advanced airmanship.

Total Flying Hours to complete the course114.5 Flying Hours


Lectures, briefs, and examinations to augment the flying elements and to provide students with comprehensive understanding of basic helicopter aerodynamics and systems.

Total Ground school hours to complete the course: 500 Hours

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Pre-Course Qualifications: None

Qualification Gained Upon Course Completion: Students will be qualified to become a first pilot (day and night on Robinson R-44 II) entry level to the (OCUs) for helicopter type.

Requirements for Trainees Acceptance: All students must be military cadets and have met the military admission requirements in their home states.